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Moving In / Moving Out Process

Moving In

Move In Costs and Keys

All move in expenses (bond, rent in advance and letting fee) must be paid prior to moving into your property and keys being handed to you.

Payment can be paid via internet banking or we do have eftpos facilities (credit cards can not be used). Bank account details along with payment required can be found on your tenancy agreement.

Repairs / Maintenance and Inspections

Located on our website is a Maintenance Request form that can be filled in in-between inspections or you will find an extra page sent out with your inspection notification letter to fill in if you have any maintenance or repairs needed. Urgent repairs (no power, leaks, hot water etc), please call us directly or send us a txt/email (office phone number 03 307 8317 if you are not sure who to contact, reception will put your call through to one of the property managers directly). We will attend to repairs as soon as we can, however, please understand sometimes there will be a delay depending on tradespeople’s workloads, whether we need owner’s approval or the work required to be done.

An initial property inspection will be carried out before you move in (feel free to add to this if anything pops up after you have moved in). Once you are settled in we will carry out a move in inspection around 4 week after commencement of your tenancy and thereafter will be every 12 weeks or on landlord’s preference. You will received at least 48 hours but no more than 2 weeks notice – these are sent via post but due to the post being cut back with delivery emails are now being sent as well.  Any discrepancies between the initial inspection and the condition of the property after the end of your tenancy will be your responsibility to repair (fair wear and tear excluded).

Your tenancy agreement states the maximum number of people who can reside in the property. If there is any change in the original occupants, or if you intend to invite any additional occupants, please notify us immediately for approval. This can be discussed at your inspection, to show your property manager the extra people residing at the property and you are still maintaining it within your tenancy agreement.

New Rubbish Collection 

If you require further information including what day to put your bins out, please head to the Ashburton District Council –

Moving Out

Ending your Tenancy

We require you to put in writing if you are intending to vacate the property. This can be done via email or letter in the office. If you are unsure as to when your fixed term is up or how much notice you need to provide then contact us and we can work with you through this process.

Once you have given us your written notice we will then send you out a vacate acknowledgement outlining how much rent is still owing, when to drop keys off, booking in a final inspection and any other information required. We will also make a time to go through your bond refund if there is no outstanding rent, repairs or cleaning required.

Cleaning and Gardens/Lawns

This is your responsibility to either carry out yourself or hire someone to do for you. We expect the property to be left in a reasonable clean and tidy manner with lawns and gardens done and no greenwaste left on the property. A checklist and help pamphlet will be sent out along with your vacate letter.